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Smallism.  A methodology for communities to take back control of their environment and resources

There has been a long-standing debate on the subject of whether a centrally, or locally controlled society is 'the best'.  The research and experience of those involved in Smallism have demonstrated that local control is the best.

Smallism goes beyond the political debate by looking at methods by which decentralisation can be achieved and examines examples of where and how locally controlled society has been developed; to answer many of societies modern problems which have in large part been caused by the centralization of parts of societies infrastructure that should have never been centrally controlled and by the interference of politics in natural human development which are now, and will in the future, cause strife and even civil wars.

Smallism starts with the individual, and works upwards using a consistent methodology to provide and manage services under the control of local communities but in a non-restrictive manner that does not prevent growth but that growth is constrained by competition.

There are no exceptions to the rules laid down.  This contrasts with those that think rules that apply to government are different to the rules that apply to everyone else.  This is dishonest and leads only to bad outcomes for everyone else.

So, What makes Smallism different?


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To find out more about the technical details of how smallism implements these strategies create an account, join the community and gain access to the member only sections of the smallism strategy.

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