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Nearly all models of society start from a hierarchy perspective starting from the top and working down.  Smallism inverts this perspective and considers what would happen, and what would be the requirements if we organised society from the bottom up.  That is starting from the individual and working upwards to the family, the community, the region, a nation and yes, globally:

The vision of everybody working together to satisfy their own needs and wants in order to be able to provide for the needs and wants of everyone.

 We have found that Smallism principles would reduce income inequality, provide better services, provide more opportunity for people, reduce crime and increase personal and group responsibility.

This goal of Smallism is to show how we, together, can get there.


1) To replace local councils and the services they manage with commercial service managers dedicated to a single specific service, whereby residents have the power to hire and fire the manager and through shareholder, power can take decisions on the manager's recommendation.

2) To enhance the ability of people to own property.

3) Bring health-care and education back to the community.

4) Enhance the role of insurance services for community-owned services.

5) Simplify the legal system to examine what was done and what value will compensate the plaintiffs.

6) Remove the power of politicians to create legislation that benefits the few.

7) Remove regulations that prevent competition.

8) Replace all taxes with an annual membership that all pay equally and will be itemized so every penny of public spending is accounted for.

9) Philosophy is that of "lots of small, is better than one big"

10) A ward system that cannot be gerrymandered and is defined by the people in those wards.

How?   Smallism uses a single defining methodology that will apply equally to all people, businesses and institutions


These are just a few of the benefits of the system - continue on your smallism adventure to find out how your community can organise and provide your communities needs more efficiently than any other method.


Unlike conventional economic models, smallism starts with the individual The Individual 




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To find out more about the technical details of how smallism implements these strategies create an account, join the community and gain access to the member only sections of the smallism strategy.

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