Food is the true currency of last resort and the corporations and politicians own the food chains. This is a dangerous place to be for the people at the bottom and governments are implicit in this deceit on the people

It is said that a society is only three meals away from anarchy and since the 1950s the health of the population has been in chronic decline despite huge advances in medicine and medical technology.

Obesity and diabetes, among other previously rare disorders, and a rise in mental health issues seem to have risen in the same time frame, yet little consideration of carbohydrate intake is ever considered in medical trials.

This could explain why there are apparently so many different causes of cancer.  There is a good chance that if 90% of your population, eat some specific foodstuff, any other foodstuff which is then proposed as a cause of some illness, any test you do with them will come up with a false positive correlation. This seems to be true given that every study seems to correlate whatever is being tested with a cancer risk.

Additional evidence is available that carbohydrates are the cause of health problems from the Cochrane collaboration [1] seeing an improvement in not only the fat of a person, but improvements in cardiovascular functions for people on a high protein, low carbohydrate diets; Proof that body fat cannot occur without high levels of glucose (carbohydrates turn into glucose) in the body [2], and a rise in type 2 diabetes that is linked to processed foods. 

I once asked three teachers if they found students to be more excitable after lunch and all three turned as one to shout “Yes”.  Linking food to educational outcomes is another avenue that is not getting enough attention, although some schools have started to introduce bans on energy drinks, cheap to produce pastries and bread, but availability is still excessive and of low quality.

This poses a problem as the food industry that feeds our population cheap-to-produce; high carbohydrate foodstuffs are making huge profits at the expense of the public health, which has a direct cost to the taxpayer in healthcare.

The proposed changes to healthcare (Healthcare - The NHS) in Smallism also help science to distinguish between different populations. If ward A, identical to ward B in all facilties but has a higher incidence of a certain deseise it is easier to look at the differences between those populations than it is to look at a population as a whole.  For example ward B does not sell certain high fruitose products that ward A does and we find a lower rate of obesity it is easier to test hypothosis against other wards to do and don't sell those products.  The ward that has the products has the incentive to find out what the cause of the problem is, and consequently will fund the research, perhaps in cooperation with other wards with similar problems.


An analogy between the food industry and the tobacco industry has been made many times in the press, and already the European Horse Meat scandal has demonstrated once again that the size of the food chain provided the moral hazards and perverse incentives to game the system, the effects of which then magnified by distances between parts of the supply chain and the mass distribution to end consumers.

When you have a surplus of something, its value becomes less.  Even in rats, overpopulation causes cannibalism and what we would call anti-social behavior.  Because we are overpopulated we rely on the commercialization of foodstuffs to feed the populace which is compounding the problem with health issues, a vicious circle indeed.