Smallism provides a national framework in which residents can express their diversity of political and cultural will in ward management style, effectively retaining the principle of being able to vote for your Labour or Conservative or other candidate based on ideology.

Those who believe in a Socialist way of life and agenda will be perfectly free to create their wards and to have the powers of taxation and spending and law to create the society they want.

Local council systems don’t work because they lack any power to really make the changes those in power would. Smallism would allow Labour heartlands to run exactly as they wanted by electing a chairperson and creating unions that look after their local interests, all this is fine with in the Ward if that is what the people living in the ward agree.

Again, Smallism is fundamentally about giving power to the people in an organized and logical manner that allows for change, evolution and development of the human race.

In another Ward, on the other extreme, each resident pays for the proportion of surface area their property takes up within the ward and again has responsibility for everything within, including having to personally fund the repair of interconnecting utilities if no other arrangement has been made. 

Naturally, as a consequence, not everyone will be happy with the ward they live in, and if the ward continually votes against the wishes of a specific individual, the final form of protest available to all residents is to remove themselves. Thus, these people would move to an area with better facilities, schools, or better employment options or whatever they felt important.

By staying in the same place, you’re not really going anywhere.


To support social mobility, Smallism makes buying and selling property much easier than is currently possible by removing many of the invested interests from the process, i.e. the taxman.

Sensible precautions such as surveys and land registry[1] will, of course, still be part of the process.  Money liquidity will make mortgages more readily available at low rates because the risk of people not being able to pay are lower given the freedom of employment Smallism creates.

The management of the ward in which the property lies will become a major part of the buying decision more-so than of today.

If property sales are very liquid the knock-on effect is providing flexible labour workforces and allows people to adapt to changes in local environments as resources are depleted and technology enforces changes to product output.  It would be ridiculous to pay the gold miners of the wild west to stay in a town where the resources had run out, and hence we have the Ghost Towns.  By preventing people from moving on, social control structures prevent evolution and growth.

One of the driving forces behind Statism is the desire for everyone to stay where they are.  This is evident in legislation that prevents employers from dismissing people, or removing troublesome people from state provided homes and this is the very ideology that actively stifles progress both as people and as a nation.

It is only by dealing with adversity and risk in a rational, evidence-based manner that the human race progresses technologically, so a system where nothing is allowed to change is dangerous to the soul.

Let’s look at employment. Apart from dishonesty, there are two main reasons for a dismissal. Either the person is incompetent or ‘other people’ in the context, don’t like them. 

In neither case should there be legislation preventing an employer from removing employees who simply do not fit. It is unfair on both the employer and on the employee, who is dissuaded from seeking employment in an environment for which they are a better fit.

Social policy like this is effectively dictating who your friends are. The left are very fond of telling you who to hate. But expecting the majority to change for a minority is a regressive move for society as a whole, creating divisions.

There is a saying that there is a place for everyone in this world:  how? I ask, will you find it when trapped inside a state dictated society. 

Smallism provides a framework in which groups of people can choose how they live and work without impacting on groups of people who wish to live by other societal values, with the expectation that good practice will thrive and poor practice will die.

[1] Land Registry would indeed become a much bigger operation dealing with a greater number of exchanges.