Smallism promotes localism  

Local people know what is best for themselves and the resources they have access to.  For governments to claim ownership of public resources and then use them against the local people should be criminal and is an overreach of political power.

Smallism helps people and communities work together and claim back the rights and responsibilities of local management from overbearing and unresponsive councils and local authorities.

Latest: It is fantastic to see parents in the USA rising up and taking back control of their school boards.  For too long we have trusted this malignant entity known as government to take on what are our responsibilities as families and communities.  Check out Smallisms vision of education delivery here Restoring Academics to Education.

For more detailed information on Smallism principles and how to become a Smallism Qualified Service Manager (SQSM) please join us by registering. is a self-funded non-profit dedicated to explaining the benefits of self-management, self-reliance and taking responsibility for your own community and its resources.

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We need active contributors and designers to help spread the Smallism philosophy. If you have some skills and can contribute some of your time and skill we would really appreciate it.  Very active contributors may be able to use a personal email address.

Our logo is a geodesic dome because it shows that strength in structures comes from multi-point connections that give redundancy and security in the case of emergencies.

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Smallism is a structured approach to localism whereby local communities take control of their local resources and freeze out autocratic organizations that fail to provide the services and maintain the local population needs and wants.

This site's objectives are to educate people about the benefits of localism and to help communities organize their actions to take back control.  

Communities need to understand that taking control also means taking more responsibility and Smallism trained Service managers are qualified to run community resources objectively and for the benefit of the local community - reporting directly to - the local community.