Political parties

Political parties are toxic to the wishes and needs of a local community and have destroyed much faith in the political establishments.  

Simply put, party members are loyal to the party first and the needs of the community second.  This is wrong and therefore communities need to start electing well known local people to represent them.

For communities to start taking control they need to start putting forward local people, well known and liked throughout the community and, importantly, with a record of success at managing something.  

It's crazy that so many elected representatives have absolutely no experience at managing anything.  

A government is funded and created by the people from the people.  When a government becomes in a position where the people are seriously criticising it, it needs to rethink its strategy and if that strategy is serving the people, or itself.

It is in the nature of any human organization to move from its intended purpose to its own survival and this is where totalitarianism starts.

Under Smallism, the government is comprised of the local representatives of the ward system under which representatives are easily fired and replaced. Unlike current western systems that have an arduous recall system that may or may not work due to the political money, influence and pressures a party structure can impose.  This is why the party system is abolished under a Smallism structured self-governed system.

"Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance."

~ Laurie Halse Anderson

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