In 2009, the residents of the small village of Findhorn in Scotland took over their local electricity distribution network after the previous operator, Scottish and Southern Energy, decided to sell it. The distribution network had been an essential service for the village, providing electricity to homes, businesses, and community facilities.

The residents formed a community group called the Findhorn Wind Park Trust, which secured funding from grants and donations to purchase the distribution network. The community group now manages the distribution network, including maintenance and upgrades.

Since the takeover, the Findhorn electricity distribution network has become a model for community-owned energy systems, providing a reliable and sustainable source of electricity to the village and surrounding areas. The community group has also been able to use profits from the distribution network to fund renewable energy projects and community initiatives.

The success of the Findhorn Wind Park Trust in taking over their local electricity distribution network has demonstrated the ability of communities to provide essential utility services, such as electricity, without the involvement of local government or private corporations. It has also provided a model for other communities in Scotland and beyond that are looking to transition to more sustainable and community-owned energy systems.