"Smallism [...] provide[s] the structure and processes around which this, and other libertarian philosophical concepts can be implemented."

The recent political environment in the west can only be described as dire.  With so-called leaders seeming to do everything possible to destroy the white countries.  The whole covid fiasco is being uncovered as deeply dishonest money-making and control orientated project tied into the globalist plans to subjugate the world, variously known as Agenda 21, Agenda 2020, The great reset, Build back better. All are propaganda terms to make you think the very, very wealthy care for you.  

Well, we have news for you.  They don't.  They only care about what they can take from you.  "You will own nothing and be happy".

What can the people do? Here is a good article that explains some of the steps we the people can take to help remove the power from those who would take power over us.  Long read, but the readers of Smallism.org are used to that.

In-This-Together suggests using Agorism to take back control of our lives, our communities and wider humanity. This is very much how Smallism operates except that we at Smallism provide the structure and processes around which this, and other libertarian philosophical concepts can be implemented.  

In other words, Smallism provides the practical framework for these ideas.

From Wiki - Agorism is a social philosophy that advocates creating a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-economics, engaging with aspects of nonviolent revolution. It was first proposed by American libertarian philosopher Samuel Edward Konkin III (1947–2004) at two conferences, CounterCon I in October 1974 and CounterCon II in May 1975.

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